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15 Minute Initial Phone Consultation
Individual Therapy
Family Therapy

Individual therapy is typically weekly for 45-50 minute sessions. The number of weeks in therapy varies according to your needs, goals, and presenting problems. My work with children/teens involves initial and ongoing consultation with parent/caregivers.


School Visit

As 17th century poet, John Donne, wrote “No man is an Island.” Individual problems often stem from, and are impacted by family relationships. Working together in a family session, we can make small changes for lasting impact. Family sessions are 80 minutes unless otherwise discussed.


IEP Support

As David Grand describes, the goal of Brainspotting is for you to get as much as you can as soon as you can. Brainspotting provides deep, rapid, positive, and permanent change. As one client put it, Brainspotting is "like 6 months of talk therapy in one session." Adult Brainspotting sessions are 80 minutes long, although Brainspotting can be done in 50 minute sessions if preferred. 


Clients are always welcome to ask for a good faith estimate of services under the No Surprises Act

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