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Brainspotting Consultation

Whether you are nervous about getting started, or already discovering the power of Brainspotting with your clients, consultation is a great place to help you learn and grow! My hope is that you will develop a firm foundation in the science and theory of Brainspotting, and find the creativity and confidence to make it your own.

My BSP Journey

I have been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 2009, and discovered Brainspotting in 2018. Since then, my love for Brainspotting has only grown! I am child/adolescent specialty consultant, frequently assist in all 4 phases, and regularly attend consultation groups. I have taken the following courses:

  • BSP Phase 1 - Lisa Larson - Nov 2018

  • BSP Phase 2 - Christine Ranck - Jan 2019

  • Masterclass - David Grand - March 2019

  • Kids/Adolescents - Monika Bauman and Martha Jacobi - Sept 2019

  • Phase 3 - David Grand - Nov 2019

  • Phase 4 - David Grand - March 2020

  • Addictions - Roby Abeles - April 2020

  • Expansion - Lisa Larson - June 2020

  • Heroes Journey - Roby Abeles - Aug 2020

  • Limbic Countertransference - Cynthia Schwartzberg and Cherie Lindberg - Nov 2020

  • 5-day Intensive - Lisa Larson - Nov 2021

  • Advanced Child/Adolescent - Monika Bauman - June 2022

You can access my Feb 2023 webinar for Brainspotting Austria here: Brainspotting with Highly Sensitive Children

Your BSP Journey

It is a privilege to walk with consultees as they integrate the power of Brainspotting into their work and lives. I would love to support you in your process. If you have questions about certification or consultation, contact me here.

Certification Requirements

  • Completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2

  • Documentation of 50 client hours using BSP

  • 6 Consult and Supervision hours, at least 2 of which need to be after Phase 2

Rates for Consultation

Individual - $175/session

Forms for Certification

Session Tracking Forms

Certification Application

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