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Brainspotting Research

Sandy Hook Article
Sandy Hook Study

After the tragedy in Newtown, research was conducted regarding the different treatment modalities experienced by those affected. Brainspotting was rated the #1 treatment for adults.

Midbrain Article
Brainspotting: Recruiting the midbrain for accessing and healing sensorimotor memories of traumatic activation

Brainspotting bypasses the neocortex and is able to gain access to the midbrain, where traumatic memory is stored. This article looks into the neuroscience behind how this happens.

Brainsptting vs EMDR Article
Brainspotting – the efficacy of a new therapy approach for the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in comparison to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR has had profound results with trauma survivors. David Grand was using a form of EMDR when he discovered Brainspotting, but found that Brainspotting can heal more gently and permanently. This article compares EMDR and Brainspotting in treatment of post traumatic stress. Spoiler - Brainspotting works!

Brainspotting Article
Brainspotting: Sustained attention, spinothalamic tracts, thalamocortical processing, and the healing of adaptive orientation truncated by traumatic experience

If you have gotten this far, you must really be interested in the neuroscience! I'd love to talk to you about your interest and point you to some more ways to understand how this amazing tool works.

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